Submit a memorial

Here you can upload a few photos of one or more memorials at the same church or chapel. If you have many more photos, please contact me directly (details at bottom of page).

You will get a message on the screen if submission was successful; you do not get an automatic email (because people would abuse that to send spam messages, via this website). We will keep your personal data only if you wish so, and credit your image when added to the database.

It’s helpful if you happen to know the approximate latitude+longitude, as these are not always automatically included in the photo’s (EXIF) data.

    If you have more than one photo: Are they of the same gravestone, or of different memorials in the same church?
    same memorialmultiple memorials

    Required: The submitted image(s)
    are your own work and may be used in the database of English memorialsare not (explained in further details below)