Worth, Francis

In Latin: In pious memory of Francis and Alexander Worth, sons of Henry Worth of Worth in the county of Devon, Esquire. The former having been admitted most meritoriously into the Common Council of the city of Exeter, gave excellent service to its citizens, in whom he had aroused great hope of his name. He died greatly mourned on 9th July 1675. The latter, indeed younger by birth but not inferior in virtue, a most excellent youth, to the great sorrow of his family exchanged life for death on 18th October 1680. Mary, their most sorrowing sister and heir by will to her dearly beloved brother Alexander, placed this monument. Here also lies Anne Worth, [wife] of that same Francis, who died on 3rd. April 1668. [Translation from John Parker, "Reading Latin Epitaphs", amended.]
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Year of death: 1675.
Year of headstone: 1680.
Age at death: not given (classed as: ).