Winstanley, T. R.

In Latin: Here is buried T. R. Winstanley, a youth, for courtesy of manners, simplicity and faith, second to none. First admitted to Westminster School, then afterwards elected a King's Scholar, Captain of his contemporaries, thence elected to Trinity College, Cambridge, still chief of his fellows, taken a little before with a bloody flux from the lungs he died on 21st May in the 21st year of his age and A.D. 1769, by all, alas, deservedly lamented. If piety, ingenuous modesty, most spotless virtue, considerable ability and innocence, if an urbane appearance be the sign of an noble mind, charms of a young man and wisdom of an old; if these things have any beauty, or any amiable quality, that rightly, child, is all yours, that distinction is clearly for you. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
Sex: .
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Year of death: 1769.
Age at death: 21 (classed as: ).