Wilton, Richard

In Latin: Richard Wilton MA, Rector of the parish of Londesborough, died 10th August 1903. Prebendary of Givendale among the Canons of York, and player of the Christian lyre. No one else loved the dales, lakes and hills of Yorkshire as he did. But everything once seen, however fleetingly, wafted his poetic mind aloft: hence his outstanding songs, conveying a quiet and unbreakable faith in Heaven: hence his serenity, his wonderful courtesy pleasing to so many: therefore farewell dearest friend: being skilled in the earthly lyre, now listen to the heavenly ones: may you be taught the hymn of the Lamb. [Translation courtesy of York Minster collections, amended.]
Church: York Minster (in , ).
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Year of death: 1903.
Age at death: not given (classed as: ).