Wilcocks, Joseph

In Latin: Near here lies buried Dr Joseph Wilcocks, Doctor of Theology and Chaplain to George I, by whom he was appointed a prebendary of this Church and Bishop of Gloucester. By George II he was created Bishop of Rochester and Dean of this Church and also of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. Under the auspices of the King and at the cost of the British Parliament, he completed the unfinished western front of this building together with the towers and window and finished it with consummate beauty. He also gave glory and stability to a building already dilapidated by providing the whole roof with new rafters. Not forgetful of divine learning and worship he adorned this College with his example and governed it by his rules ie. he induced the willing prebendaries to establish a laudable rule of residing by the Calendar and, having obtained Royal confirmation from the King as Visitor, with the agreement of the Chapter, made it permanent. He lived in peace, love and friendship with his brothers the prebendaries and was a frequent preacher as long as his age permitted and afterwards a not infrequent attender at public prayers. His prudence and success in choosing teachers made the Abbey School celebrated. Finally, full of years, as his powers gradually diminished, he fell asleep in the Lord in A.D. 1756 aged 83. Under the same stone reposes (together with her seven year old daughter) Jane, daughter of John Milner the British Consul in Portugal. She was a woman famous for her winning manners and died on the 27 March A.D. 1725 aged 28. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, adapted.]
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Year of death: 1756.
Age at death: 83 (classed as: ).