Whincop, Thomas

Quisquis es Viator siste, atque hunc intuere mortuum, quern vivum satius ubi imitari erit/Scientiæ multiplicis profundi Judicii,Vitæ Probitatis, industriæ indesessæ, Charitatis/comitatis, Pietatis Exemplar singulare THOMAN WHINCOP. Eximium/Dei Servum charissimum Theologum omnium Bonorum Memoria & Amore/dignum Qui opto: maxo: (cui plusquam 74 annos) servivit integerrimi Viri/sapientissimi Civis vigilantissimi Pastoris Officij fatagens Annorum tandem famæque/gratæ fatur Deo Animam reddidit Corporisque Resurrectionem præstolatur: Atque/etiamnum mortuus vivit Tantum est, vade Lector, sua Merces est, Creatoris Gloria, Exemplum/Tuum. Translation: Stop traveller, whoever thou art, and look upon him now dead, who, when alive, it was most useful for thee to imitate. Mr Thomas Whincop: an eminent example of great learning, sound judgement, probity of life, indefatigable industry, charity, courtesy, and piety, a faithful servant of God, an excellent divine, and one that worthily merited the love and remembrance of all good men; who, after he had served the Most High, above the space of 74 years, diligently executing the duties of a man of integrity,  a most wise citizen, and a most vigilant pastor, at last being full of years and fame, he resigned his soul to the Almighty, waiting for the resurrection of the body; Who, tho' now dead, yet liveth. All that remains. So, reader! as God's glory is now his reward, so be his example thine. On skulls: hodie mihi, cras tibi. "Today me, tomorrow you."  [Translation courtesy of Hull Minster website, adapted.]
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Year of death: 1624.
Age at death: 75 (classed as: ).