Wetenhall, Edward

In Latin: Nearby are deposited the remains of EDWARD WETENHALL, M.D. eldest son of Edward, bishop of Cork and lately of Kilmore, who for many years felicitously exercised his profession in Cork, after the pure example of the ancients. At last in his declining years he bade farewell to medicine in order to devote himself with all his powers to the great Physician of souls. He was a man distinguished for his singular piety towards God, for his zeal for the ancient religion of Christ, for his love of the Church of England as established by law, for his benignity to the needy, his benevolence to all men, and for the simplicity of his manners. While visiting once more his native land of Britain, he who had snatched so many from death, himself tranquilly succumbed to death on 29th August 1733 in the 72nd year of his age. Go your way, traveller, and do likewise. This monument to a very dear father was placed here by his sorrowing daughters Anne and Philippa, the offspring of his beloved wife Anne, of the illustrious family of Sneyd in Staffordshire. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1733.
Age at death: 72 (classed as: ).