Twysden, Heneage

In Latin: Sacred to the memory of Heneage Twysden, seventh son of Sir William Twysden, Baronet, and Frances his wife, who, in that bloody fight at Blaaregenies [Malplaquet] in Hainault, while he, as aide-de-camp to the most high and courageous prince, John, duke of Argyll, when leading the first wing of the confederates' army he fell strenuously fighting. He was a son not inferior to the best of parents, nor a soldier unworthy of such a leader. At home he was remarkable for his extraordinary courtesy and benevolence, integrity and modesty, untainted fidelity to his friends, and the utmost piety towards God and his parents. In the army, for undaunted fortitude, unwearied endurance in fatigues, and an unshocked soul amidst the view of danger. Adorned with so great and so many virtues private, civil and military, he left the melancholy regret for him to all who were never injured by him, but the most troubled by far to him who mindful of his most pleasant alliance and daily addition to good offices, hath to this ever lamented friend, erected this honorary marble, a small monument of his great love. He died 1709 aged 29 years. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1709.
Age at death: 29 (classed as: ).