Townsend, Isaac

In Latin: Sacred to the memory of Sir Isaac Townsend, who was employed in naval affairs for sixty years. At sea he spent thirty five years in the Royal Navy in which, in a career of distinction, he commanded many of the principal ships, and on land, he was for twenty five years conspicuous among the leading authorities for naval procurement, for real providence in naval requirements. He was at all times and in all places, by land and sea, most faithful to his sovereign and to his country, a man of probity and integrity in all walks of life. He died on the 26th of May 1731 in his 75th year. His grieving widow set up this memorial of her very deep sorrow. [Translation from "A Selection of Latin Inscriptions at Winchester Cathedral" by Pat Wagstaff.]
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Year of death: 1731.
Age at death: 75 (classed as: ).