Thornton, Bonnell

In Latin: Bonnell Thornton, Esq. departed from the neighbouring royal school [Westminster School] to be a pupil at the house of Christ [Christ Church] Oxford; his talents, most felicitously perfected by all branches of liberal scholarship, were accompanied, and graced by, his open, sincere and candid disposition. In his writings and in his conversation, he showed a marvellous sense of humour, and his particular genius for witticism flourished for all to see. He was singularly felicitous in censuring human absurdities with his pen, yet altogether without acrimony and with much hilarity, and he was most pleasant in social intercourse. He took to wife Sylvia Brathwaite, who survives him, together with their three children. She, very properly, amidst the great grief of herself and her family, bore the cost of this marble. He died, most deeply lamented, 9th May 1768, aged 40. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, adapted.]
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Year of death: 1768.
Age at death: 40 (classed as: ).