Steigerr, Christopher

In Latin: Sacred to the memory of Christopher Steigerr, noble native of Berne, Gentleman Commoner of University College, Oxford: a young man of the greatest promise, especially dear, both to the people of Britain and to his own countrymen, for the elegance of his intellect and the evident sweetness of his character. His father, a member of the Supreme Council of Berne and Prefect of Thun, in his anxiety, hastened from Switzerland to London to the side of his beloved son, who was suffering from a lingering sickness, and performed that duty most grievous to a father's love, and finally with this monument commends to everlasting remembrance the merits of this excellent young man and his own grief. He died 23 Dec, year of Our Lord 1772 in his 20th year. His family, still living in Switzerland, restored this monument which had become dilapidated with age, in the year of Our Lord 1866.
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Year of death: 1772.
Age at death: 20 (classed as: ).