Stanhope, George

  In Latin: Here also is commemorated¬†GEORGE STANHOPE, second son of James, Earl Stanhope, who, having resigned the rank of aide de camp in 1747-8 (having held this office for about five years) died, a private citizen, on 24th March 1754 in his 37th year. Peradventure a loss to his country, his was certainly a bitter loss to his friends. In 1743 he strove on his Sovereign's behalf at Dettingen: in 1745 he averted disaster at Falkirk: in 1746 he shared in the victory at Culloden: in 1747 he was nobly wounded at Lafeldt. His sorrowing brother P.C.S. ordered this memorial to be made. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website.]
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Year of death: 1754.
Age at death: 37 (classed as: ).