Slee, George

Here under lyeth buried the bodye of George Slee of Tiverton, Merchant, who departed this life the first day of September Anno Domini 1613. He gave by his will to be distributed to the poorest people of Tiverton 50 Poundes. To the Parish Church and Churchyard of Tiverton 10 Poundes. To and for the building of an Alms House for six poore honest women and for to purchase rents for their maintenance @ twelve pence every weeke to each of them five hundred poundes. To fiftie poore craftsmen of good name and fame in Tiverton one hundred poundes. To the poorest honest & painful labourers in husbandry in Tiverton ten poundes. To the parish of Coldridge for the reliefe and keeping on worke the poorest people there ten poundes. To the poore of the parish of Halbertonn forty shillings. To the poore of the parish of Uplowman forty shillings. He left behind him living two sonnes and three daughters.
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Year of death: 1613.
Age at death: not given (classed as: ).