Seymore, Sarah (Duchess of Somerset)

In Latin: Here lies the late most illustrious Duchess of Somerset, ever celebrated for her charity and benignity, who erected a grammar school for boys at Tottenham in the county of Middlesex, enlarged the income of the Green Coat Hospital at Westminster, largely endowed Brasenose College in Oxford, and St John's in Cambridge, for the education and nourishing of youth in piety and good literature; she was likewise an encourager of trades and handicrafts, and had a tender regard to old age, by erecting an almshouse at Froxfield in Wiltshire for thirty widows: she was very charitable to the poor of St Margaret's Westminster, where she instituted a lecture, and gave many stately ornaments to the Church. She died the 25th of October 1692. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, adapted.]
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Year of death: 1692.
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