Serres, Jean

In Latin: Here lies buried Jean Serres, a Frenchman of good family from Montauban, who, after twenty seven years condemned to the galleys at Marseilles, in chains and prisons, had fought with indomitable spirit for the Protestant worship and faith, freed by the goodness of Queen Anne, in the year of the peace treaty, came to England as a refugee. He died in 1754 aged 85. So that the memory may not die of a man who deserved so much from the reformed religion and who suffered so much from Popish Superstition, Thomas Cheney, Dean of this Church, set up this tablet. [Translation from "A Selection of Latin Inscriptions at Winchester Cathedral" by Pat Wagstaff, amended.]
Sex: .
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Year of death: 1754.
Age at death: 85 (classed as: ).