Raine, James

In Latin:  James Raine, LLD of the University of Durham, Canon of this metropolitan church 1866, librarian 1870, Residentiary 1888, Chancellor 1891, Vicar of All Saints Parish in this city; born 1830, he fell asleep in the Lord 1896. Outstandingly mild in character; most learned in antiquities and knowledgeable in a wide range of other subjects; in religion a faithful minister; highly respected by the wise; a very good friend to his friends - dear to all, especially to the poor and to children. In memory of a brother in Christ so worthy of love, numerous thankful people, mourning but in expectation of the resurrection of the dead and of the life to come, erected this tablet in the Year of Grace 1896. [Translation courtesy of York Minster collections, amended.]
Church: York Minster (in , ).
Sex: .
Afterlife: .
Language: .
Year of death: 1896.
Age at death: 66 (classed as: ).