Puckering, John

In Latin: Sir John Puckering, Knight, remarkable for his knowledge in the laws, piety, counsel and many other virtues, Privy Counsellor to the Serene Princess Elizabeth Queen of England, and Keeper of the Great Seal; after he had given just decrees for four years with singular integrity and equity, fell asleep in the Lord, and lies here. He lived 52 years, and died the 30th of April 1596. The public care and laws engaged my breast, / To live was toilsome, but to die is rest./ Wealth, Maces, Guards, Crownes, Titles, things that fade,/ The prey of time and sable Death were made./ Virtue fires men. His wife this statue rears to her loved spouse,/ The test of constancy and marriage vows./ I trust to see the Lord in the land of the living./ [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.] 
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Year of death: 1596.
Age at death: 52 (classed as: ).