Penn, William

To Ye Just Memory of Sr. William Penn, Kt & Sometimes Generall; borne at Bristol In 1621 son of Captain Giles. Penn severall years consul for ye English in ye Mediterranean of the Penns of Penn Lodge in the County of Wilts & those Penns of Penn in ye County of Bucks & by his Mother from ye Gilberts in ye County of Somerset, Originally of Yorkshire. Addicted from his youth to maritime affairs he was made Captain at ye years of 21. Rear-Admirall of Ireland at 23, Vice Admirall of Ireland at 24. Admirall to ye. Straightes at 29. Vice Admirall of England at 31 a Generall in ye First Dutch Warres at 32 whence retiring in Ano.1665. He was chosen a Parliament man for ye Towne of Weymouth 1660 made Commissioner of ye Admiralty & Navy Govoner of ye Towns and Ports of King Sail Vice Admirall of Munster & a member of that Provinciall Councell and in Ano. 1664, Was Chozen Great Captain Commander Under his Royall Highness: In ye signall & most Evidently Successful fight against the Dutch Fleet. Thus he took his Leave of the Sea his old element, But Continued still His other Employs till 1669: at which Time: Through Bodily Infirmitys. (Contracted by ye Care & Fatigue of Public Affairs) He Withdrew Prepared & Made for his end, & with a Gentle & Even Gale in much peace arrived & anchored in his Last and Best Port, at Wanstead In ye County of Essex ye 16 Sept 1670 being then but 49 & 4 months old To whose Name and Merit his surviving Lady Hath Erected this Remembrance
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Year of death: 1670.
Age at death: 49 (classed as: ).