Owen, Thomas

In Latin: Sacred to the Triune God expecting the second coming of Christ our Redeemer, under this tomb lies Thomas Owen Esq. son of Richard Owen, by Mary, daughter of Thomas Otley of the county of Salop [Shropshire] Esq., who being from his youth versed in the study of the municipal laws of England, so shone in industry, geniusĀ  and judgment, that he was first chosen Serjeant at Law to Queen Elizabeth, afterwards one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas, among whom he had sat five years with singular integrity, equity and commendable prudence, And by Sarah his wife, only daughter and heir of Humphrey Baskervile, had had five sons and as many daughters. And married Alice his second wife, who survives him. He piously fell asleep in Christ the 21st day of December in the year of our Redemption 1598. Roger Owen, his most afflicted son, hath, as a proof of his officious duty, and regard to the memory of this best of fathers, erected this monument. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey, amended.]
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Year of death: 1598.
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