Outram, William

In Latin: Near this place lies William Outram D.D. born in Derbyshire, fellow of Trinity and Christ College in Cambridge, Canon of this church and Archdeacon of Leicester. An accomplished theologian, and perfect in all respects, a nervous and accurate writer, an excellent and assiduous preacher, first in Lincolnshire, afterwards at London, and at length at St Margaret's Westminster, where he finished the course of his life with great praise and no less success; but in so great labours and intentness of mind he being so inflamed with study of scripture and the Holy Fathers, grew much distempered with the gravel, with which being long afflicted, and at length worn out, he ended his life with the utmost composure of mind, 23rd August 1679 having completed his 54th year. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1679.
Age at death: 54 (classed as: ).