Nicholas, John

In Latin: Here is buried John Nicholas DD, prebendary of this Church, public benefactor, scholar, fellow and warden of both of Wykeham’s Colleges. In both of these he left lasting monuments to his munificence. He improved the colleges by discipline, extended and embellished them with buildings. He built the School, surely worthy of his own Wykeham, virtually at his own expense. Amidst all these activities, he provided benefits to the poor in generous measure, and was a very ready friend in need. These truly great achievements speak of the greatness of their author and will spread his renown to remote posterity. He died on 27th February, 1711, aged 74. [Translation from "A Selection of Latin Inscriptions at Winchester Cathedral" by Pat Wagstaff, amended.]
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Year of death: 1711.
Age at death: 74 (classed as: ).