Milner, Joseph

To the Memory/ of JOSEPH MILNER, M.A./ Successively Lecturer and Vicar of this Church,/ and upwards of 30 Years,/ Master of the Free Grammar School,/ this Monument is erected/ by the grateful affection of his Scholars,/ He was a Man of a Vigorous Understanding,/ extensive Learning and unwearied Diligence;/ Distinguished by primitive Purity of Sentiment/ and Holiness of Life,/ He uniformly approved himself/ through a Long and active Ministry,/ a zealous Champion of the Faith of CHRIST;/ which his Labours successfully inculcated,/ and his Writings will exhibit and vindicate/ to future Generations./ He died/ on the 15th November, 1797;/in the 53d. Year of his Age./ [Photograph and transcription courtesy of Hull Minster website.]
Sex: .
Language: .
Year of death: 1797.
Age at death: 53 (classed as: ).