Livingston, Thomas (Viscount Teviot)

In Latin: Sacred to the memory of Thomas Livingston, Knight and Baronet, Viscount of Teviot, Baron Livingston of Peebles who, born in Holland, descended from the ancient family of Livingstons in Scotland. From his childhood being conversant with arms, and with glory advanced to several military titles, was at length in the reign of William III (under whom, while Prince of Orange, he had long and courageously fought, and whom he attended into Britain as a Colonel of Foot), made Lieutenant General in the army and General of the Scots Forces, Master of the Ordnance and Privy Counsellor. While Scotland was inflamed with civil broils, he happily engaged the enemy at the river Spee; by that means securing peace in his country, and the nation to the king; for which illustrious [praeclara] actions he was by his grateful prince added to the nobility. To this man, so well meriting of his country, Alexander Livingston, Knight and Baronet, his only brother and heir, erected this monument. He died in London 14 January 1710, aged 60. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1710.
Age at death: 60 (classed as: ).