Lethbridge, Christopher

Piae memoriae Christophori Lethbridge armigeri hujus civitatis nuper praetoris. Simvl ac Mariae uxoris ejus qui post varia pietatis et Charitatis officia summa fidelitate peracta placide in Domino obdormiverunt Heac 15 Maij Anno Doni 1659: Ille 28 Julij Annoq: Domini 1670. "To the pious memory of Christopher Lethbridge, Esquire, formerly mayor of this city, and also of Mary his wife, who, after having completed with the utmost fidelity various duties of piety and charity, calmly fell asleep in the Lord, she on 15th May 1659 AD, he on 28th July 1670 AD." [Translation from John Parker, "Reading Latin Epitaphs", amended.]
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Year of death: 1670.
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