Leach, Lucretia

In grateful regard to her many excellences/ This monument is consecrated/ By BEY LEACH of the Island of Barbados/ To the memory of his wife Lucretia;/ WHO/ For a series of no less than twenty three years/ Exhibited one continued proof/ Of conjugal truth and affection./ In parental tenderness,/ In the warmth and sincerity of her friendships,/ She had, she could have, no superiour./ With Christian fortitude/ Expressive of that lively faith and hope/ Which influenced her every action/ Either in the hour of health or in the hour of disease,/ She suffered a long and painful illness,/ Which terminated her mortal life/ On the first day of Feby, 1799,/ In the thirty ninth year of her age. Go, sainted soul of Charity and love,/Range unconfined in ethereal climes above!/And, whilst thy deeds that recompense insure,/Which heaven decrees the Virtuous and the Pure,/ Know that thou canst not wholly hence depart:/ Here thou still livst - within thy husband's heart.  
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Year of death: 1799.
Age at death: 39 (classed as: ).