Knipe, Thomas

In Latin: Thomas Knipe, D.D., Prebendary of this Church, gave direction that his body should lie in that part of the cloisters opposite to this monument, where Anne his wife, with five of their children, were buried. For the space of fifty years he, in the School of Westminster, laboured for the promotion of piety and learning, and for sixteen years was head master there, which province he,  being provided with the aids of learning, indefatigably industrious, and endowed with the most humane sweetness, happily administered ; from hence he supplied the University with youth versed in the best discipline; many of whom are now ornaments of the Church and State: and more there are who now give earnest of being hereafter so. To these honours he added those other virtues, which speak the good man, as sanctity and liberality , courtesy and benevolence, candour and fidelity, and ready bounty to those in distress. He enjoyed a firm health and long age, attended with all the other comforts of life, till decaying gradually, by a lingering distemper, which at length violently increasing upon him, he died beloved by the poor, his scholars, friends, relations and wife 8 Id. August [6 August] Anno 1711, aged 73. To this dear husband, Alice, his second and most afflicted wife, hath erected this monument, one day intending that her ashes shall rest in the same tomb. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1711.
Age at death: 73 (classed as: ).