Ingram, William

In Latin: In commemoration of the most distinguished man Sir William Ingram, Knight, doctor of laws, of the King's Council in these northern parts, one of the masters of the High Court of Chancery and sole Deputy Commissary of the Prerogative Court of the Archbishopric of York who died on the 26th July 1623. Epitaph: Here the Judge of Testators lies dead in Christ the Judge and Testator of the New Covenant. He has given these legacies himself to the Lord, his joys to heaven, his deeds to the world, his gains to his friends, his body to the earth. The hearts of his friends contain a better picture of his character, but would you know his whole conduct you must follow him to heaven. [Translation courtesy of York minster records.]
Church: York Minster (in , ).
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Profession: , .
Sex: .
Afterlife: .
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Year of death: 1623.
Age at death: not given (classed as: ).