Heylyn, Peter

In Latin: Near this place lies the mortal part of Peter Heylyn, D.D., Sub-Dean and Prebendary of this Church. A man truly memorable, endowed with excellent qualities, of sharp and fertile mind, and with a memory surprisingly retentive, to which he added a patient application to studies, which ceased not after his sight was decayed. He wrote much on various subjects, which are now public, and delivered very uncommon arguments, in a very curious style; in all which he shewed himself a strict asserter of the church and monarchy, no less in their afflicted than flourishing estate, and at the same time a fierce antagonist against the rebellious and schismatic factions: despising their envy, with an undaunted spirit. While he intended more of the same nature, death imposed silence on him, unable to silence his memory. He died, aged 63, on 8 May 1662. His afflicted wife erected this monument. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1662.
Age at death: 63 (classed as: ).