Hawksworth, John et. al.


Sacred to the Memory of JOHN the Son of JOHN and MARTHA HAWKSWORTH who died Nov:r 13:th 1839, Aged 13 Years.

Also ANN their Daughter, who died Nov:r 18:th 1839, Aged 20 Years.

[Also MARTHA their Daughter, who died in infancy

And are they gone, whom we so dearly lov'd/ Whose tenderest kindness we so oft have prov'd/ Yes they are gone, their happy spirits fled/ And now they're number'd with the silent dead.

Also the said JOHN HAWKSWORTH who died Oct 28th 1846 aged 51 Years.] [Photograph and transcription courtesy of Hull Minster website. The lower part of the stone has been lost but is preserved in a Victorian epitaph collection.]

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Year of death: 1839.
Age at death: 13 (classed as: ).