Hall, William

Near this stone lyes the body of WILLIAM HALL, late of this Parish, Goldsmith, & Son of Francis Hall of Newsham in ye County Palatine of Durham Esq. He discharched ye office of common councilman for Goldsmiths row Precinct twenty years and deputy for this ward eleven, with all fidelity. He was unalterably Loyal to his Sovereign, & Constant in the religion of ye Church of England in the most rebellious and factious times - Generous to his friends, just in his commerce, Charitable to ye Poor & a Worthy and Useful Member of this Honourable City. He died in ye 75th year of his age, on ye 12th day of September in ye year of the Lord 1680.
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Year of death: 1680.
Age at death: 75 (classed as: ).