Hales, Stephen

In Latin: The monument to STEPHEN HALES S.T.P. [professor of sacred theology] is raised by Princess Augusta, mother of George III, best of kings: who, during his lifetime chose him as her private chaplain, and, upon his death on the 4th Jan. 1761, in the course of his eighty-fourth year, honoured him with this memorial. At the tomb of Hales, which Augusta decreed should arise in gleaming stone, and display a proper splendour, do Piety, venerable Faith, and mighty Virtue - a sacred company - shed perpetual tears. Above the dead, divine Wisdom proclaims a prophet. Well versed was he in ministering to the ills of mankind, in exploring the works of the Lord: the passing of ages shall not diminish your praise and renown, O Hales. It is England's boast to number you among her distinguished sons, alongside her dear Newton: O proud land of England. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, adapted.]
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Year of death: 1761.
Age at death: 84 (classed as: ).