Godfrey, Edward

In Latin: Sacred to the pious memory of Edward Godfrey, who was the 13th son but 15th child of his father, Thomas Godfrey of Hodiford, in Selling, Kent and, of his mother, the 11th son but 13th child, whom first, of her 16 children, his mother took to her breast, and who, though not weaned for upward of 3 years, yet grew to be a boy of the highest promise and talent, with a happy disposition: the first and finest of the fifth class of this school. He died the 8th day of June, year of Salvation 1640, aged 12. The most noble and reverend father in Christ, John [Williams], Lord Bishop of Lincoln, being Dean [of Westminster], Richard Busby being Head Master. Below are listed the dead, while + indicates those elected as King's Scholars. [On the left side below the Lambard shield is the motto] "Christ both Pelican and Lamb" [and verses]"Lo, children and the fruit of the womb: are an heritage and gift that cometh of the Lord" (Ps[alm] 127). [On the right side below the Iles shield is the motto] "She is rare as black lilies" and  "Twin sons: a son: Jane: Thomas: Peter: +Richard: +John: +Edmund B=Berry: Elizabeth: Michael: +Thomas: +Edward: Catherine: Benjamin: Sarah". [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1640.
Age at death: 12 (classed as: ).