Gartside, Elizabeth

Near this Tablet are deposited the remains of Mrs. Elizabeth Gartside, wife of Thomas Gartside Esq. (of the County of LANCASTER) who died October 24th 1813 AEtat 53 Years. She was a good Wife, A good Mother, and A good Sister. She was Upright, Charitable, and Kind. She was always ready to [...] and help the poor. She was loved, esteemed, and always strove to return Good for Evil. If [... ...] honour and A taste refined/ With all that ever Graced A mortal Mind/ If the fond Mother and the virtuous Wife/ The most blessed and happiest character in life,/ If these when summon'd to an early Tomb,/ Cloath'd In the pride of youth and Beauty's bloom,/ May claim one tender sympathising Sigh/ Or draw A tear from melting pity's Eye,/ Here - pause and be the gratefull tribute paid/ In sad remembrance of E. Gartside's shade.
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Year of death: 1813.
Age at death: 53 (classed as: ).