Duppa, Brian

In Latin: Here Brian Duppa, a man consecrated to immortal memory, laid down the remains of his mortality. Born at Greenwich towards the close of the year AD 1588, that is on March 10th, he was fostered early on at the Royal School of Westminster (where he learnt Hebrew from Lancelot Andrewes, then Dean), and afterwards at Christ Church, Oxford. As Master of Arts he was elected to All Souls' College, and then became Doctor of Divinity and Chaplain [to the Elector] Palatine; he subsequently returned to Christ Church, and presided there for ten years as Dean. However, greater responsibilites awaited so great a man, and higher office called. He was appointed Tutor to the Prince, of most august promise; then, graced three times over by the mitre, he himself graced the three [cathedral] churches of Chichester, Salisbury and finally, at Charles' Restoration, Winchester; in that office he also became a Knight of the Garter. Aged just 74, in the New Year of AD 1662, viz.on March 26th, at Richmond - where he had formerly been employed in the Prince's education, where during the times of calamity he had remained well out of the public eye, and where too he had built a fine Hospital in fulfilment of a vow - almost in the very embrace of his Royal pupil, he breathed forth his pious soul. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website.]
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Year of death: 1662.
Age at death: 74 (classed as: ).