d’Orleans, Antoine Philippe (Duc de Montpensier)

  In Latin: The illustrious¬† and serene prince, Antoine Philippe, Duke of Montpensier, descended from kings, second son of the Duke of Orleans. From a tender youth he was strenuous in arms, unsubdued by fetters, neither broken in adversity nor exalted by good fortune. An assiduous supporter of the liberal arts, he was urbane, pleasant to all,¬† courteous, never to be weaned from brothers, relatives, friends and country. However tried by the vicissitudes of Fortune, he was yet supported by the generous hospitality of the English, and rests in this truly royal sanctuary. Born 3rd July 1775, died 18th May 1807, aged 31. This stone was erected in memory of a most beloved brother by Louis Philippe, Duke of Orleans. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1807.
Year of headstone: 1830.
Age at death: 31 (classed as: ).