de St Denis, Charles

In Latin: Charles de St Denis, Lord of St Evremond, descended from a noble family in Normandy; who, when young, applied himself to military affairs and, by several meritorious advances, was preferred to be Marshal in the army, where he more than once gave proofs of his fidelity and courage with Conde, Turenne and other famous generals. At length, leaving his country, he came into Holland, and was from thence invited into England by Charles II. He very happily cultivated philosophy and humane letters. He polished, adorned and enriched the French language by his writings, both in prose and verse. He deservedly gained the favour and bounty of the kings of England and the esteem and friendship of the nobility, and having reached beyond his 90th year, died 9 September 1703. That this most renowned man may be remembered among the best writers of his age, his friends, concerned at his loss, have placed this monument. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey, amended.]
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Year of death: 1703.
Age at death: 90 (classed as: ).