de la Rochefoucauld, Frederick (Earl of Lifford)

FREDERICK WILLIAM de la Rochefoucauld, a younger son of FREDERICK CHARLES Comte de Roye et De Roucy, He came into Great Britain with his Father in the Year 1687, when  the Protestants of France were obliged to fly from the Cruel Persecution that [...] Against them. At his Arrival he was made [...] in the Horse Guards of King James the Second. After the Revolution he followed King William into Ireland, attended him in all his Enterprizes, and was near his Person at the famous Passage of the Boyne. He was made Colonel of one of his French Regiments, which the King Raised at the beginning of War. He Served at the head of it till the Peace was concluded at Ryswick. He was made Earl of Lifford in Ireland. His Merit was acknowledged and rewarded by King William and by all his Successors, particularly by his Present Majesty. In a Military and Publick life he acquired Honour. In a Civil and Private life he gained the affections of all who knew him. He dyed on the 24 of February 1749 at the Age of fourscore and two, leaving by his will four thousand Pounds in Charitable Legacies. As He was Esteemed and  Loved whilst he lived, so he has been regretted since his Death. This monument has been Erected by his gratefull friend William Elliot.
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Year of death: 1749.
Age at death: 82 (classed as: ).