Davies, Mary

Here lyeth the Body of Madam Mary Davies, Daughter of Sr Jonathan Trelawny, of Trelawny in the County of Cornwall, Baronett. A Lady of Excellent Endowments & Exemplary Vertue, of Courage and Resolution above her Sex, and Equal to the Generous Stock whence she Sprang. She was Maid of Honour to Mary Princess of Orange, and Relict of Lieut-Col. Davies; who, at the Siege of Namur, mounting the Trenches at the head of the Grenadiers of ye first Regiment of Guards, was the first that threw the fascines (which others used to cover themselves with in theyr Attacque) over ye Ditch, & with his men pass'd it, beating the French out of theyr Works, which was a gallant Action, and Greatly Contributed towards the taking of the Town; In performing of which, he receiv'd the wound of which he dyed, & gain'd so Just an Esteem for ye boldness and successe of it with the King, that He designed him ye Great Honour of a Visit, ye Morning which he died, and being informed of his Death, in kind and honourable Terms expressed His Concern & Sorrow for the losse of so Brave & deserving an Officer. She Died the XXIII of September in the year of our Lord MDCCVII.
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Year of death: 1707.
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