Combe, Matthew

In Latin: Here lies buried Matthew Combe MD who exercised his profession in this city for 54 years. Equipped by natural genius, study and industry, he acquired with remarkable success the highest knowledge of healing. In tending to the sick he was diligent, caring, humane and conscientious; in his daily round of duties he was courteous, strenuous , a man of integrity and saintliness: and of such extraordinary and venerable piety towards God, that neither occupation nor recreation could distract him from constant worship. He was married to Christiana, daughter of John Garrard Esq. and secondly to Hannah, daughter of Sir John Oglander Bart., by whom he had three daughters who survive him. He was born 20th November 1662 and died 20th February 1748. [Translation from "A Selection of Latin Inscriptions at Winchester Cathedral" by Pat Wagstaff, amended.]
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Year of death: 1748.
Age at death: 85 (classed as: ).