Churchill, George

In Latin: Here lies interred George Churchill, second son of Sir Winston Churchill, Knight, of Dorsetshire, and worthy brother of John, Duke of Marlborough. From his early years trained to military affairs, and served with great honour by sea and land, underĀ King Charles II and King James II. He was for the space of twenty years Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the most serene Prince George of Denmark, to whom his fidelity, obsequiousness and virtue, rendered him dear and valuable. In the time of King William's reign, when the French navy was defeated and burnt by the English at The Hague (a day ever memorable) he behaved himself with that vigour of soul and courage as became an English officer. Soon after he was, by that Prince (who was a true judge of merit), made one of the Commissioners of the Admiralty, in which station the sea affairs which he was master of, he daily managed and adorned. At length, when under the happy reign of Queen Anne, the war against the French (those turbulent foes of England) was renewed, he was chosen one of the Admirals, and of the Council to the most high Prince of Denmark, Admiralissimo of Great Britain; and was partaker with his master of all his care and fatigue, which he happily managed, until the broken power of France quitted the seas; afterwards adhering to that best of Princes to his last, he then performed all the duties of a grateful and generous soul. At length, broken with toil and diseases, amidst the embraces and tears of his family, dependants and servants, whom his humanity, services and liberality, made grateful, devoted and faithful to him, he, being unmarried, died like a pious, calm and cheerful man, the 8th of May 1710, aged 58 years. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1710.
Age at death: 58 (classed as: ).