Cholmondeley, Robert

In Latin: Here lie buried two sons of the most noble Lord Robert Viscount Cholmondeley, of which Robert his second son not 14 years of age, but a most promising youth, of virgin modesty [verecundiae] but of manly spirit, was a King's Scholar and noble ornament of this College. His commendable advances in Latin, Greek and Hebrew letters, he so honoured with a noble disposition that you might perceive him descended from the ancient family of the Cholmondeleys. He died February 2nd in the year of our redemption 1678. Richard the other son and fourth by birth, gave such proofs of a fine talent [indolis], that one might easily know him to be the brother; he died 5 June in the year of our Lord 1680. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1678.
Year of headstone: 1680.
Age at death: 14 (classed as: ).