Cavendish, William (Duke of Newcastle)

In Latin: Here lies that renowned hero, William Cavendish, Knight of the Bath, and Baron Ogle, in right of his mother, Viscount Mansfield, and Baron Cavendish of Bolsover, Earl of Ogle, Earl, Marquess and Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne, Lord Lieutenant of the Counties of Nottingham and Northumberland, first Lord of the Bedchamber to the King, Guardian to Prince Charles, Privy Counsellor to the King, and Knight of the most Noble Order of the Garter. A nobleman, who showing abundant fidelity and courage to the King's Majesty, at the beginning of the Grand Rebellion, was deservedly made Captain General of the Forces raised in the north of the Kingdom. In several battles (which he soon won) and in defending the City of York against the Scots, he gave proofs in all respects of his fidelity and unshaken courage; for which reason, when the Rebellion grew strong (being one of the first destined for death), he left his home, and with great spirit endured a long exile. He first married Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of William Bassett of Blore in the County of Stafford, Esquire; who bore him sons, Charles who died without issue, and Henry, heir of the Honours; Daughters Jane, married to Charles Cheney of Chesham-Bois; Elizabeth to John Earl of Bridgwater, and Frances to Oliver Earl of Bolingbroke. He died the 25th of December in the year of Redemption 1676, and of his age the 84th. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website.]
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Year of death: 1676.
Age at death: 84 (classed as: ).