Casaubon, Isaac

In Latin: Isaac Casaubon. Ye men of learning rise with respect to this venerable name whom Gallia produced for the good of the learned world: and Henri IV the powerful King of France called from his studies and made Keeper of the Royal Library at Paris, and while he lived ever esteemed him. After his murder King James, monarch of Great Britain, the most learned of kings and most indulgent of learned men, invited him to England and munificently encouraged and whom posterity will ever admire for learning. Here he lies, superior to envy, breathing out his soul in Christ, he entered into eternity on the Kal. of July 1614 aged 55 years. To this most excellent man, well worthy immortal, Thomas Moreton, Bishop of Durham, pleased with the memory of his conversation erected this monument 1634. He that would know Casaubon, let him not read monuments but books, superior to marble and more useful to posterity. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website.]
Afterlife: .
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Year of death: 1614.
Year of headstone: 1634.
Age at death: 55 (classed as: ).