Carteret, Philip

In Latin: [on the plinth]: The honourable youth Philip Carteret, second son of the Lord George Carteret, Baron of Hawnes, scholar of this College and ripe for university, died March 19 1710, aged 19. [And on the scroll]: Why do the tuneful chorus join/ in mournful songs, regret thy fate,/ The fleeting joys of thee and thine,/ and pleasures of too short a date?/ Why my too hasty scyth upbraid,/ and wail the cruel wound it made?/ See what a worthless thing is bloom,/ behold my boy the poor reward,/ But I, obsequious at thy tomb,/ will ever stand a watchful guard;/ In lettered marble show thy name,/ and tell the world thy matchless fame./ Thy spotless piety in youth,/ for learning thy untoiled desire;/ Thy manners strict [morum integer] , and ancient Truth,/ shall make the age to come admire./ The future wondering youth while I relate,/ fired at thy worth, shall strive to emulate. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website.]
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Year of death: 1710.
Age at death: 19 (classed as: ).