Carleton, William

AN EPITAPH ON THE DEATH OF Mr JOHN/CARLETON MASTER AND MARINER;/ LOST IN HIS LONG-BOAT, 18TH OF NOVEMBER, 1674.ÆTATIS 21./SON TO WILLIAM CARLETON, MERCHANT,/ SHERIFF, ANNO 1668 Now rests in his Eldest Son's Urn that divine/Philosopher Wm Carleton Gentm whose great/Wisdom & Learning made him useful & desirable/he lived & died like a Christian April the 17th/1705 in the 81 Year of his Age Here rests his mortal Part asleep again,/who was once saved nodding in the Main;/But cast the second Time on Thetis' Lap,/Ah! Providence sent none to hand him back./The curled Billows wept to see him lie,/Divested of his immortality!/Then fomed his Remains above the Deep,/And now his Dust does with his Father's sleep;/Waiting Awaking, when all Tempests cease,/And tossed Bodies land in perfect Peace. Here lieth the Body of Ruth Monckton/who died March the [?] 1763. [Photograph and transcription courtesy of Hull Minster website.]
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Year of death: 1705.
Age at death: 81 (classed as: ).