Carleton, Dudley (Viscount Dorchester)

  In Latin: Sacred to the everlasting memory of DUDLEY CARLETON, second son of Antony by Jocosa [or Joyce] Goodwin: born at Brightwell in Oxfordshire in March, year of Christ 1573. With precise and specialised knowledge of the languages, customs, jurisprudence, and laws of the different nations of Europe, he undertook and fulfilled many embassies on behalf of their most serene majesties King James (of most illustrious memory) and King Charles (long may he reign), to various Christian kings, princes and states; he faithfully, justly and prudently discharged his confidential and highly arduous obligations as Chief Secretary of State and the secret affairs of the Privy Council. Because of his great virtue, he was adorned with the title and honour, first of Knight, then of Baron of Imbercourt, and finally of Viscount Dorchester, and also, (which is a far greater thing), with the love of all who saw him. He was vouchsafed two marriages during the course of his life: the first, of longer duration, was contracted with Anne Garrard, and the second, and briefer, with Anne, Viscountess Bayning, each a widow of distinguished blood and beauty; each, moreover, neither barren nor fruitful. Finally, on the 15th day of February, year of Christ 1631, he died at Westminster; giving back his soul to God, and his mortal trappings to the earth, he bequeathed a grievous sorrow to his king, to the kingdom and to all good men. By his first wife (who was a loyal companion to her husband both in life while he carried out his several ambassadorial duties, and also in death, lying here beside him), he had a son, who enjoyed the light of day for a few days only; while, of his second marriage (which, by now Principal Secretary to King Charles, he entered into scarce two years before his death), he left a posthumous daughter yet in the womb, soon to be born, who herself within a few months followed her father out of this life and into a better. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website, amended.]
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Year of death: 1631.
Age at death: 56 (classed as: ).