Carey, Thomas

  In Latin: Here is buried a man of great family and greater talents, THOMAS CARY, who died in the 33rd year of his age. Whatever still survived of nobility - the second son of the earl of Monmouth - whatever of virtue - the illustrious example - whatever was dearest to King Charles I - whom he served in the bedchamber with pious devotion - did not utterly perish before the year 1648, when it was found necessary to destroy everything excellent. He expired, and a most noble family, lacking a male heir, died out, as if prodigal nature, in fashioning him, had exhausted all the powers of the race. Go hence, traveller, and mingle the numbness of reverence and grief. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website.]
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Year of death: 1649.
Year of headstone: 1683.
Age at death: 33 (classed as: ).