Brandon, Frances (Duchess of Suffolk)

In Latin: Dirge for the most noble Lady Frances, onetime Duchess of Suffolk: naught avails glory or splendour, naught avail titles of kings; naught profits a magnificent abode, resplendent with wealth. All, all are passed away: the glory of virtue alone remained, impervious to the funeral pyres of Tartarus. She was married first to the Duke, and after was wife to Mr Stock, Esq. Now, in death, may you fare well, united to God. In English: Here lieth the ladie Francis, Duches of Southfolke, daughter to Charles Brandon, Duke of Southfolke, and Marie the Frenche Quene: first wife to Henrie Duke of Southfolke and after to Adrian Stock Esquier. [Translation courtesy of Westminster Abbey website.]
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Year of death: 1559.
Year of headstone: 1563.
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