Bowles, John

In Latin: Sacred to the memory of John Bowles, Esquire, formerly a resident of Dulwich village in the county of Surrey; to whose greatest integrity of morals, force of mind, and sound and sincere judgement, his writings are abundant testimony; who was held in the greatest respect in his lifetime as being most faithful to Christ, a wholly devoted son of the Anglican Church, a most strenuous defender of the law, while at the same time most just; in conclusion, the best of husbands, a friend second to none. Not only his family, but all good men accorded him the deepest reverence while he was alive, and are seized by grief at his death. He died [in] A.D. 1819, aged 66. [Translation from John Parker, "Reading Latin Epitaphs", amended.]
Church: Bath Abbey (in , ).
Profession: .
Sex: .
Language: .
Year of death: 1819.
Age at death: 66 (classed as: ).