Bowles, Henry

In Latin: Sacred to the memory of Henry Bowles, recently of this city, Doctor of Medicine, descended from an ancient family in the county of Wiltshire, a man of exceptional probity and benevolence, most skilful in his profession: when he had faithfully served in western India and southern Africa in the capacity of medical officer to the British army, finally as he was setting out for Gibraltar when a deadly fever was raging there, weakened by the agony of a most severe illness, yet unconquered in his soul and his piety, he died on the ship in which he was sailing, most greatly missed by his family, on the 26th November 1804 AD in his fortieth year. Penelope his widow in her grief set up [this memorial]. Also of Penelope mentioned above, who, when she had inconsolably mourned her greatly beloved husband, died on the 15th day of August, 1815 AD in her fiftieth year. [Translation from "A Selection of Latin Inscriptions at Winchester Cathedral" by Pat Wagstaff, amended.]
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Year of death: 1804.
Age at death: 40 (classed as: ).